• Michael Black

The Ebb and Flow of Merchandise Availability

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The secondary (closeout) market has its ups and downs just like any industry. Our market is more susceptible to it than others. When inventory is available, all is good. When it is not, well, we all know how that feels. What are you to do about this?

The easiest solution is to stock up on liquidated merchandise when it is readily available. That does mean you have to have the additional funds and warehouse space, which is admittedly easier said than done.

Another solution is to partner up with someone that may have the warehouse space to store. This is where networking and relationship building come into play. While we all may be competitors in some ways, but how many of us also buy from our competition? Take advantage of those relationships and always remember to scratch their back when the time comes.

Our industry is filled with a lot of charlatans and snake charmers. Buck the trend and build lasting relationships not only with your personal clientele but also build those relationships with your competitors / suppliers.

Here at Infinity Remarketing Services, LLC we strive to build those relationships in the liquidation business. Whether it's with our mattress, general merchandise, Amazon, Target, Walmart or Home Depot clients and suppliers, we're always ready to help when and where we can.

Stay firm with the ebb and flow of the liquidation and closeout industry.

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