• Michael Black

What do I do with merchandise I can't move?

The secondary market is all about getting rid of merchandise that the original retailer couldn't move or move quickly enough. But what are we to do when it happens to us? Notice how I didn't say 'if'?

This is where creativity wins! Grab bags / boxes are one solution for those small items. Sell it based on the volume size, stick one or two desirable items in it and then unload those items no one seems to want. The customer gets a lot of bang for his or her buck and you move that non-moving merchandise.

How about a bin where all items are $5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0.50? Just grab a decent sized box and fill it with those items. Calculate a profitable price point and away you go. It costs nothing for the box. And most likely at this point, every dollar made will be 100% profit.

A third way is just to dump the price. Yes, it sucks having to sell an item that retails for $20, 30, 40+ for pennies on the dollar. Think of it this way: While it may retail for the above listed prices, that doesn't mean it is worth that price to a buyer. The value of any item or service is the price that someone is willing to pay.

What other ways do you get rid of non-moving merchandise? Leave your comments below.

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