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We are delighted to introduce this program. We can build custom truckloads for you. You pick the categories and we will assemble a truckload for you. If you don't need a truckload we can offer LTL loads. Infinity Remarketing Services will handle all the freight. All you need to do is provide us with your zip code and we will provide you with a freight quote. All this inventory comes directly from THD centers in GA, IN, and AZ. All of the loads are fully manifested and you will purchase based off the wholesale value. 

Example: If you purchase a Hardware and Tools lot with a wholesale value of $25,000 your cost would only be $6,750! (27% of Wholesale) Retail values are typically 20-30% higher than wholesale. It's always better to purchase off wholesale values. 

.COM Returns are identified by having HS in front of the category name. If HS is not listed in front of the category then you will buying in-store returns. 

If you have any questions please send an email to or Call (800) 757-0585

NOTE: We can only fit 25 pallets per truckload. 


Name                                             Rate (Buying off Wholesale Value)

001 (Non-Categorized)                24%

APPLIANCES                                27%

Blinds                                           12%

DOORS WINDOWS                       17%

FLOORING AND RUGS                 19%

HARDWARE AND TOOLS             27%

Holiday                                          15%

KITCHEN AND BATH                     17%

Lighting                                         17%

OUTDOOR SEASONAL                 19%

Plumbing                                      17%

HS APPLIANCES                          40%

HS Blinds                                      27%

HS DOORS WINDOWS                  27%

HS FLOORING AND RUGS            32%


HS HOME DECOR                          37%

HS KITCHEN AND BATH               30%

HS LIGHTING                                 37%

HS MIXED LOAD                            37%

HS OUTDOOR SEASONAL            37%

HS Plumbing                                 27%

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